Wood Panel B2(Surfers Paradise)with Frame

サイズ W728 × H515(mm)
素材 木

サイズ W798 × H585 × D20(mm)
素材 木、アクリル





■ Original picture
Size W728 × H515 (mm)
Material wood

■ Frame
Size W908 × H595 × D20 (mm)
Materials: wood, acrylic

Only one TAMO original art in the world.
Please enjoy the vivid colors that are a feature of TAMO that cannot be experienced with prints.

The frame is an antique frame with a shabby texture.
Gentle colors make your work soft and bright.

It also comes with a transparent protective sheet to protect the art so that you can enjoy your precious art for a long time.

*The color of the product image and the actual product may differ slightly.
* The copyright of this work belongs to the author. Please enjoy it for personal viewing.
* The purchased work cannot be canceled due to the product characteristics of one point. Please be sure to carefully consider the product before placing an order.
*All of the works you purchase are original, hand-painted by the artist himself, so it is inevitable that the paint will deteriorate over time. In order to prevent them, please pay attention to the display and storage method.


*Tax included.

*Shipping fees are free on this item.

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