Art Print A4(Beetle Wave)with Frame

サイズ W297 × H210(mm)

サイズ W290 × H396 × D15(mm)
素材 ポリスチレン、MDF





■ Print
Size W297 × H210 (mm)

■ Frame
Size W290 x H396 x D15 (mm)
Material: Polystyrene, MDF

A framed art print that allows you to easily enjoy the TAMO world. Bright colors that are characteristic of TAMO. In order to bring the colors closer to the original, we adopted RGB printing.

It comes in a vertical and horizontal frame that can be used as a wall hanging, so it's easy to display anywhere. You can choose from three colors for the frame to match your room.

It also comes with a transparent protective sheet to protect the art so that you can enjoy your precious art for a long time.

*The color of the product image and the actual product may differ slightly.
* The copyright of this work belongs to the author. Please enjoy it for personal viewing.


*Tax included.


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